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Hi everyone. I am just getting into Star Trek. I recently saw the new movie, and have since watched Nemesis and First Contact, and I've started to watch Next Generation. Does any of the movies or series have huge battles between hundreds of ships, fleet against fleet? (also ground battles are cool too.) If so, could you guys name the movies/ episodes? I probably will not skip to those episodes but I wanna know when I am in store for a treat.
Battles in Star Trek were usually limited to a few ships at a time until Deep Space Nine. The most notable DS9 episodes are:
3x21 - The Die Is Cast
4x01 - The Way of the Warrior
5x26 - Call to Arms
6x06 - Sacrifice of Angels
6x26 - Tears of the Prophets
7x20 - The Changing Face of Evil
7x25 - What You Leave Behind

Here's a compilation video of DS9 battle sequences but it might spoil the impact of the episodes if you watch it.
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