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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

8x13-It's Good to be King: What's more humorus, Harry as a 'King' or Wayne Brady as a First Ares. Is this the first Greek God we've had a name for? First one I've noticed. So the planet that the Tok'ra found sanctuary for Harry is about to come under attack, or at worst be re-conqured by fleeing system Lords as Ba'al is handily defeating his Gou'ald rivals. Jack reluctantly authorizes a rescue party for Harry where they find he's been made King!! Harry reveals he found an abandoned temple area of the Ancients with inscriptions that foretold future events. Harry figured out how to read it and the simpler minded people made Harry the Prophet into their King. He also taught them irrigation, medicines and other things to better their living situation.
The crux of the episode though is how the Ancients were predicting the future on this planet. Seems they had a time travel ship that just so happens to be nearby...but it needs an Ancient to fly it. Jack due to his mental downloads is chosen, although I don't get why Daniel wasn't a candidate to fly the time ship, he did ascend after all. So while SG-1 takes out Ares, it seems(we didn't see a body or anything), in self defense---which only helps Ba'al right? I mean Ares was fleeing Ba'al, SG-1 came to relocate Harry and while the Tarre may not have an alliance with the System Lords(despite trying) this can't be seen as favorable to future talks. Assuming there are future talks. So what will we learn from the time ship? Is this the only time ship? How wide spread was Ancient Time travel. They get bored just watching and doing nothing in the present?

8x14-Full Alert: So Kinsey is back. The disgraced former Vice-President shows up at Jack's house claiming to have knowledge he needs, or could use. I think while maybe not needed, it would've been nice to hear about some fallout of a new administrations Vice-President resigning. The Trust shows back up and it appears they've been infected with Gou'alds. They in turn take Kinsey back and infect him with a Gou'ald. Was a bit unclear on all this. Even after The Trust infected Gou'ald place a 'snake' in Kinsey they are still not friends. Wouldn't the Gou'ald in Kinsey be aligned with the others? Even if Kinsey himself wasn't. That bit lost me. The goal of the Trust is to turn Russia against the US as it relates to the SGC program. The Trust was set to prove the US government had been infiltrated and ultimately start a nuclear war. Showing Kinsey, a disgraced VP as infected serves that end. Things did get tense. I always enjoy seeing Gary Chalk though. Second best Optimus Prime cartoon voice after Peter Cullen. The Prometheus is sent to stop the Alkesh aka Osiris old ship and a struggle ensues aboard it. Kinsey kills a number, if not all of the Gou'ald infected Trust members on board. Again, why didn't the Gou'ald in Kinsey assert control and stop that? Feels like a plot hole. Kinsey was able to get ahold of the wrist transort device we saw. So when the Prometheus destroys the Alkesh it appears Kinsey and Co. died. I doubt we've seen the last of Kinsey the Snake.

8x15-Citizen Joe: Having gotten quite a few clip shows that progressed the show forward this one was a let down. I kinda kept waiting for 'Stylin Joe' to be important in some way and instead we got a mediocre comedy episode that at best reveals Jack enjoyed the mundane experiences that were cross shared with Joe.
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