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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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It's interesting to consider if atheism at least verges on religion when the "adherents" actively, let alone aggressively, try to proselytize (not collecting stamps isn't a hobby but actively bashing stamp-collecting, the Star Wars prequels (let alone a weekly show) or Nascar seem to at least be hobbies) or when they feel that atheism does demand or necessarily call for alternative ethical codes, most notably secular humanism.
Then any and all ideological movements would have to be classified as a religion. So no.
Exactly. All kinds of ideologies include atheism - Objectivism, for example, or "secular humanism" - none of which makes atheism in and of itself a belief system, much less a religion.

For his part, Gillette self-identifies as both an Objectivist and a libertarian.

The only world view that can be inferred directly from non-belief without adding something to it might be a kind of nihilism. Most people aren't comfortable with that, and have other things they believe in.
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