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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Without having read Trekker's review just yet, here are some pre-movie thoughts…

- I skimmed over some reviews and one of them gives an outline of the movie that's pretty much what's in the trailer… A long origin piece build-up with some over-the-top hard to make out action at the end like in Transformers. Pretty much what I figured. Should be a fun ride anyway.

- Some comments make this movie sound like Superman's Batman Begins and that's not a bad thing. Sounds like the makings of a solid series.

- They are indeed taking some big risks and I'm surprised that they seem to be paying off. I'm thinking mainly about the costume. They made some drastic changes and it's not turning people off in any significant way. And they're doing all this on the heels of a Superman movie that flopped. Gutsy indeed.

- The costume origin we got on Lois & Clark with Ma Kent sewing up different ones for Clark to try on is still my favorite. Never liked the alien fabric/alien origin that much. It's not good if he needs replacements, unless the fortress can provide something.

- Cobie Smulders was my choice for Lois Lane on Smallville before Erica Durance was cast and I think she would have made a good Lois in Man of Steel. I like Amy Adams, but she never struck me as the ideal casting choice. I'm still looking forward to seeing how well she does though. She's looking more and more like a competent Lois and a better one than Kate Bosworth.

- Nice to see that they added the Whitney character from Smallville but I really wish they had put in Chloe Sullivan. Next time for sure.

- I read that they're approaching this movie not as the latest version of a comic book superhero, but as a fresh movie about what would happen if an alien "super man" were to come to Earth and reveal himself. That has me even more excited.

- I kind of miss the yellow "S" on the back of the cape. Kind of. I can accept that it probably doesn't work with this particular costume design.

- A CGI cape? That'll be interesting. I can see why they went for it. It flows better in the wind.

- I really liked Clark's heat vision from Smallville. It was actual heat vision with glowing eyes like heating elements and turbulent hot air in a directed stream. I like that a lot better than the laser eyes and hope it's incorporated into this version of Superman.

- Pa Kent and Jor-El both played Robin Hood. Neat.

- Just read that Cavill was an extra in Proof of Life where Russell Crowe encouraged him in his pursuit of acting.

- I hope to watch Superman Returns before I see this. I've only seen it once and I'd like to not only compare it to Man of Steel, but I'd also like to try and see where others feel it went wrong. I didn't think it was a bad movie or a failure. In fact, I liked some of its attempts to either humanize Superman or bring new elements to a Superman story. Giving him a kid and having him end up in the hospital come to mind.

- I don't know if we'll see kryptonite in this movie but if we do, I hope they really show how lethal it is. Weakness, nausea, pain, delerium, and some recovery time consistent with flu-like symptoms over a period of time would be nice. No mock stumbling around with a quick recovery after the k is out of sight. Just my own hopes and wishes. And if we don't see kryptonite this time around, I'll hold onto these thoughts for the next installment.

- Speaking of kryptonite, I keep thinking about the really dangerous kind… The gold stuff. I've had that on my mind over the last several months. Its presence in the story would feel like a serious danger to Superman and make him even more vulnerable. I'd be genuinely afraid for his well being if they skipped the green stuff and went to that.

- When this movie was announced, I had no interest in this thing, and as news and pictures started coming in, I was totally unimpressed. Little did I know that it would become one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Looking forward to Thursday night.

- And finally, is there a post-credit sequence?
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