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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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In TWOK only thing that got me was Chekov mentioning the things in the ear and McCoy totally ignoring it.
Chekov said that Khan put the eels into their bodies. McCoy had no way of knowing that he meant their ears. He also had no surgical equipment with which to remove the eels, which had integrated themselves into the central nervous system.

NightJim wrote:
However, the Enterprise arriving at the Genesis Planet, sees no ships because the Klingon Bird of Prey was cloaked. What about the Grissom's wreckage? That'd have been a nice little nod to have Kirk on edge, which wouldn't have hurt.
Grissom may have been destroyed on the far side of the planet. Also, Kirk asked Chekov to perform a short-range scan of the area, so Enterprise may not have cast a wide enough net to pull in any information about Grissom's demise.

NightJim wrote:
Enterprise's self destruct acts like explosives are ringing the ship, which is a rather terrible design decision. Surely it'd just be warp core exploding. But the engine's are completely intact. It's the saucer section that explodes.
Several novels mention different types of auto-destruct sequences used to destroy a ship. Warp-core breaches are used in deep space. Ringed explosions are used near a planetary body to avoid taking out the planet when the ship explodes.

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