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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

A lot of great idea's in this thread, namely how LobsterAfternoon's depiction of how Harry Potter was about him going to school, but it wasn't at the same time.

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Harry Potter had adventures out of the classroom because he was the target of a vicious psychopath and his primary mentor did little to protect him. So unless the characters of an Academy-set series are the target of a villain, I don't see how the show would work.
There are vicious threats about, the reminiscences of the Dominion (especially the Jem'Hadar who don't have ketracel-white), the Borg (who would probably just fix that hub that Janeway broke), even the Hirogen, with their accent technology, find a way to make it to earth, and with the fleet spread out and undermanned from the Dominion war, the students could do a Star Trek 09's 'cadets answering a distress call'. A nice two-parter episode there.

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...there's limited story material. You only have four years, than they'd have to decide do we continue following this cast as they head out on their first assignment or do they bring in a new cast and follow their four years at the Academy?
There is so much they can work with. a Bajoran student heads home for the weekend and a Cardassian renegade squad attacks, to a student or two volunteering to terraform a planet for the summer (one part of a multi-plot story). Cycling in (and washing out) students would be easy, but after the 5th year you could have a student intern on a ship and run into a graduated classmate, which who make the show stay essentially about Starfleet Acadamy.

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Was O'Brien the reason fewer people watched DS9?
Okay, then what was the reason fewer people watched DS9?
I liked O'brien. He's really the only family man in the series, at least the only one successful at it and IMO I think he's pulled more tricks out of his hat then Geordi, he just doesn't have his eyes. I think DS9's problem was a slow start and losing viewers before the Dominion war picked up.

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Why do we have two threads of this ?
At the bottom of the first post in the other thread, I noted I meant to drop that in the general trek board, and that Modders could remove that one if cross threads are not alowed. At this point they should merge threads if that's doable, Sran makes some great pointers and ideas.
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