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Re: Where are the toys?

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I've not seen the star trek Kre-o anywhere either...
I live in Ontario, Canada. The distribution is a mess here.
The movie was delayed a year meaning there were sets taking up spaces in warehouses for ages.

I've seen a lot of shops (ToyRUs especially) where there are only a few Khan "space jump" sets and an assortment of bagged figures and no other kits at all... makes you wonder if they put them out way before the film opened by mistake and got gobbled up by lucky people or if they still haven't put them out from the back room yet. I asked a few of the staff and they didn't even know they had any Into Darkness merch, period.

I found an Enterprise in a Wal*Mart kind of by accident and snapped it up. If Kre-O ultimately says 'the sets didn't sell well enough' I wouldn't consider that because of the quality of the toys (which is fine by the way, though it doesn't stick together as nicely as Lego) but with the bungled roll out. I think Lego would have done some incredible things with a Star Trek license. They have both DC and Marvel at the moment so they don't seem to care if their competing franchises sit on the shelf next to each other so... wasted opportunities. I would have spent a king's ransom on Trek Lego over the years if we had any. I know I'm not alone.

Isn't Johnny Lightning putting out a few ships? I'm sure I've seen the new bird of prey and the USS. Vengence.
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