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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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They didn't snap their fingers and peace was achieved at Khitomer. It was likely a long process with lots of successes and failures and took decades. Khitomer was just the first step.
The Klingons go from losing the ability to make war and being forced to sue for peace in VI, to having a war fleet that's dominating the Federation in YE. There's also talk of plans to evacuate Kronos in VI, but then the planet is somehow just fine in TNG.
Over a fifty year period?
Hell, that precise timeline is even explicitly referenced within the dialogue of the film itself:

Federation President Red Foreman:
"Suppose the following agenda is as follows: the total evacuation of Kronos has been calculated within the fifty earth year time span. Phase I - the preparation for evacuation..."

You know what's a good excuse for building lots of ships? Evacuating an entire planet. You know what's a good excuse for needing extra firepower? Evacuating an entire planet of vulnerable people. You know who would be out of work and in need of government work programs like building a fleet of new ships? The evacuees of an entire planet. There's nothing inconsistent between TUC and Yesterday's Enterprise. The Klingons always had itchy trigger fingers, even toward their Federation allies, as can be seen in the episode with Riker as an exchange officer on a Klingon ship and in The Way of the Warrior.

Plus, I seem to remember many people thinking that the Great War would be the war to end all wars due to the utter devastation, financial burden, death toll, and treaties/restrictions/reparations wrought or placed upon many of the participants, and yet twenty years later the Great War became WWI because they were back at it again.
'First Contact' is the tale of a man who just wants to cash in on his creation so he can get wasted on an island full of naked women, but his fans keep insisting that he's a saintly visionary who has profoundly altered the world. AKA - 'I Don't Want to be a Statue: The Gene Roddenberry Story.'
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