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Re: British series approach?

Except, I loved "Take Me Out To The Holosuite" - one of my favourite episodes of DS9. I'm an "entire franchise fan", so don't misinterpret this as dislike here, but DS9 is certainly my least favoured flavour of Trek. Why? Frankly, I found "the war" just a little tiresome. For me, it dragged on and on and on - waaay overused. I wasn't that fond of the quasi-religious overtones that permeated the series either.
Fair enough but I think your in a minority in regards to the war being too long. Infact 2 years for a war is pretty short. It needed to be long and bloody not some over in 2 episodes skirmish. I agree on the religius bit though.

a shorter run is no guarantee of quality.[/QUOTE]
Agreed but it does increase its chances of being better I think.
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