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Re: concept art and set photos!

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when I was paying attention to the dialogue and events of the movie, the lens flares barely even registered with me. Besides, they're far less prominent in STiD than they were in the previous film. They're an occasionally amusing --if overused-- joke about Abrams Trek, not any real detriment to the film, IMO.
Even the way you're wording it above comes across as if you merely trick your mind into ignoring them.
That's a completely misleading interpretation of my comment to favor your own preferences, which unfortunately seems to be something of a theme with you. Speak for yourself all you like, but don't reinterpret what I'm saying to suit your own ends, please.

At no time did I imply that I have to trick myself into ignoring the lens flares. I merely said that since I was engrossed in the events of the film, they didn't distract me from it or take me out of the story in any way. If I had gone into the film with a negative attitude instead of a critically neutral, anticipatory one and was looking for flaws to rip apart, I would no doubt have been able to convince myself that they were a horrible distraction. Funny how the mind works that way.

In other words, they ARE a visual distraction.
No. That's the opposite of what I said.

So let's just concede that this is an element of JJ's filmmaking that is generally reviled and which, despite negative audience feedback, he just doubled-down and continued, as a testament to his Lucas-like Han-shoots-first stubbornness.
I will concede no such thing, and doubling-down implies that he used the lens flare effect even more, when I said he seemed to use it far less in this film versus the last. Regardless, filmmakers should not have to compromise their work based on the inconsistent whims of the audience. And that includes George Lucas, my dislike for the Greedo scene notwithstanding.

Plus, your comparison of a aesthetically motivated camera trick that has no bearing on the plot of the film and has been included in it from the start to a major alteration in the established behavior of a chief character and events of a film after said film had already been hugely popular for twenty years is completely ridiculous.
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