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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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As a matter of interest, how? All I can remember of the stuff that happened in the real world is that Enterprise-C tried to help a Klingon outpost, which doesn't sound as if it contradicts anything that happens in TUC.
They didn't snap their fingers and peace was achieved at Khitomer. It was likely a long process with lots of successes and failures and took decades. Khitomer was just the first step.
The Klingons go from losing the ability to make war and being forced to sue for peace in VI, to having a war fleet that's dominating the Federation in YE. There's also talk of plans to evacuate Kronos in VI, but then the planet is somehow just fine in TNG.
Over a fifty year period? Sure. The Klingons likely weren't going to give up their home without attempting to solve the problem. Why would they give up their military? Starfleet sure didn't give up theirs in the intervening years.

There's nothing regarding the Klingons in The Undiscovered Country that can't be easily explained. Plus, I never understood disliking a piece of entertainment because it conflicts with another piece of entertainment.
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