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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

I liked this week's episode, primarily for all the little character moments. Such as Nolan and Tommy's banter at the beginning about Moby Dick, and Datak making a complete douche out of himself at the brothel. I was going to comment that Kenya refusing Datak was only going to raise his suspicions, but that's something that gets pointed out in the episode itself so I'll let it slide.

When I first heard the plot description of this episode I was a bit wary. An astronaut from the past. I figured he'd have trouble adjusting to the new world, throw some sort of fit and have to be neutralized in some manner. I wasn't expecting him to be some sort of experimental assassin, which to me was a pretty decent twist and now we get some details about Dr. Yewll's dark past hinted at a few weeks back. However, I could have done without the sappy ending of the astronaut being reunited with his wife. But then, I'm just not a romantic guy.

Nitpick, isn't the astronaut a bit too young to be a commander? According to IMDB Brian J Smith is 32, assuming the character is around the same age (his wife was 28), this would make him too young to be either a Navy officer ranked Commander or someone who holds the title Commander due to their position commanding a space mission. They tend to be really experienced astronauts.
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