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Was thinking it was funny how 7 years ago I didn't even consider the possibility of getting a PS3 and thought the Xbox 360 was fantastic/all I needed. And it's almost completely reversed now.
I feel the same way. I had a PS2 and was planning on getting a PS3, but the 360 was just better value at that time (early 2007) and I "jumped in". It was a bloody good games console with a lot of great exclusives, and I never felt the need to buy a PS3. I think the PS3 had the better exclusives in the latter half of this generation, and I was envious of the lack of a paywall, but I still don't regret switching to the 360. But next gen it will have to be a PS4, and I don't see a compelling reason for me to buy an Xbox One.

What truly amazes me is how MS failed to learn from Sony's mistake with the PS3 launch. They focused too much on multimedia rather than games, they used their device as a trojan horse for their wider corporate goals, it cost more than the primary alternative, and they expected brand loyalty would cross over between console generations. Those are all mistakes that Sony made with the PS3 and they struggled to recover from them. Add in the DRM debacle and MS looks really, really foolish right now.
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