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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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The whole deal with the astronaut returning to his much older wife.. seriously? The 28 year old wife of a cutting edge hero astronaut who dies, famous forever, and she doesn't find someone else? Of course she finds someone else. She is a beautiful A list woman. That was dumb.
Why? Even if she did marry someone else, that doesn't mean she wouldn't still be overjoyed to see her old love apparently back from the dead. Besides, how do we know the "someone else" didn't die in the terraforming, or leave her, or get left by her?

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I thought in last week's episode Alak made reference to a flimsy piece of clothing that Christie would be wearing while bathing and therefore not be totally naked. That's what I figured Stahma was wearing.
He mentioned beads, which we have seen Stahma wearing in the bath before, in the pilot or episode 2. This was a different garment, more a pair of fabric straps spirit-gummed over her not-fit-for-TV bits.

The doctor storyline was interesting. It shows you how much they need a doctor that they have to put up with her keeping such a thing from them.
They hinted at this earlier and it is an interesting line to follow: do you get rid of your healer if you suspect they were a war criminal?
Actually that hasn't been resolved yet. Nolan was just confronting her, demanding she account for her war crimes, when the woman came in and fell sick. (And yeah, Yewll must be a hell of a doctor if she can deduce a plague from a single sick patient.) Presumably this thread will play out next week as Yewll's indispensability during the plague convinces the others to excuse her past crimes.

What's dumb is the whole cliched "I'm hanging clothes and I sense that my long lost lover is back" trope (maybe he spoke to her, I don't know, I just read it as her "sensing" he was back).
She could've heard him walking through the grass, or turned enough to glimpse movement out of the corner of her eye.
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