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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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Why would that amazing you? I've read a variety of reasons why people enjoyed TOS. As I've aged different parts of the show appealed to me. The reasons I liked TOS when I seven are different than why I like TOS at 54. Mean spirited? In what way?
In the way that it treated the characters. Turning Kirk into a delinquent loser, Spock into a psycho (and Old Spock into a senile failure), Uhura into a bar babe who manipulates superior officers with sex, Scotty into a loser demoted to some useless space shack. Killing off the Vulcans. Bringing up Federation ethics only to mock them.

TOS told many types of stories. cherry picking the "thoughtful and mature" episodes don't really show the scope of storytelling in TOS. The characters are no more "morons, psychopaths and mental defectives" in the films than they were in the series. One could easily find example of all three in TOS episodes and films.
Not like the characters in the film. And TOS did tell many types of stories, but it has always been known as the show that at least attempted thoughtful, socially relevant SF (the Vietnam metaphors, the first "inter-racial" kiss et cetera)-- doing a revival written at the level of an Asylum movie does not strike me as consistent with any type of Trek-- not even "Spock's Brain."

The worst thing was that the whole "buckle up" response to an unimaginable holocaust left me with a chill down my spine and a sick feeling in my stomach. Definitely the anti-Trek for me.
Not sure what you're talking about here.
These people not only witnessed, but failed to prevent, the destruction of Vulcan and the deaths of its six billion inhabitants. They frowned a moment and then skipped happily off to the next holocaust. In real life, people who witnessed the terrorist attacks in 2001 ("only" 3000 people) are still suffering emotional issues twelve years later. In nuTrek, it not only rolls right off the characters, but Starfleet chooses to keep them together on the flagship of their depleted fleet under the command of a 25-year-old loser they were about to kick out of the academy. This is weird and creepy behavior, to say the least.
You're distilling the characters and plots down to elements that fit your opinion. Its rather disingenuous. Especially referring to Uhura as " a bar babe who manipulates superior officers with sex" which isn't really supported by what was seen in the film and is the most salacious interpretation of what was seen.

Star Trek (TOS in particular) has rarely dealt well with the repercussions of the events the crew has experienced. The laugh on the bridge scene that ends several episodes is a prime example of this. So your second point is a nonstarter.
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