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Re: TOS S4 - If You Could Add to a Previous Storyline

Or finally "snapped" after suffering years of Balok's bellicose laughter.

"Don't you see, Captain? I had to stop him! The lil' gremlin would laugh at EVERYTHING! I'd tell a joke; he'd laugh. I'd relate a personal trauma; he'd laugh! And it was the same pitch and duration every time, no variation! It was like a stock recording! That's when he told me what I had to do. He? Why, the "puppet", of course! Except, he's not really a puppet. Don't you see? It's a double bluff. "Baby" Balok was the actual ruse to lure us into a false sense of security! But I figured it out! Just look at him glowering there. He's not pleased you abandoned me, Captain! What's that, Balok? The Captain must be punished? Oh, I wholeheartedly agree!"


Tempt the Hand of Fate and it'll give you the "finger"!

Freighter Tails: the Misadventures of Mzzkiti
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