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Re: Star Trek III - great rewatch value

TSFS is a big favourite of mine. Lots of things I lkie about it. For example the way it links back to TWOK with the line "the Kobayashi Maru has set sail for the promised land." And at the end they reverse the line about "the needs of the many". It's a very good script because it says you can't get something for nothing and to get Spock back they loose David and the Enterprise and get exiled basically.

And they blew up the Enterprise! Back in 1984 the movie never came to my cinema so I made do with the novel version. I remember sitting up in bed late at night, probably thinking "that's enough reading for one night, time to put the light out," and then I got to the bit where Kirk orders the ship to blow up.

Remember there was only one Enterprise up to that point. (No bloody A B C or D as Scotty would say.) One Enterprise. THE Enterprise. And they blew it up.

The effects are wonderful. Arriving at Spacedock, stealing the Enterprise, the BOP and the Enterprise blowing up.

The "stealing the Enterprise" sequence is very well put togeather.

Yes, my favourite odd-numbered Trek movie, any probably my third or fourth favourite overall.
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