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Re: The Orb - a new DS9 podcast

Finally got around to the Defiant episode. Good stuff as always.

My immediate thought, and one I was surprised you didn't bring up, when you asked about episodes that couldn't be done without the Defiant was "Starship Down" from season 4. They certainly couldn't have hoped to stand up to either a gas giant or two Jem'Hadar warships in just a runabout. And as I understand it, the initial concept for the episode was precisely to reveal some of the flaws the ship possessed. It may be well-armed and well-powered, but it is definitely not designed for atmospheric entry, as this episode clearly shows.

While the Defiant's destruction (or perhaps I should say 'death') in "The Changing Face of Evil" was undoubtedly emotional, I feel like the creators missed a chance to really drive the knife even deeper. How great would it have been if here, almost at the end of the series, they had recreated these shots from "Emissary" ? The series starts with him losing the Saratoga to the Borg, and ends with him losing the Defiant to the Dominion. I think that would have been a great way to suggest 'full circle' for Sisko without hammering it home.

And lastly, re the nu-Defiant's registry number. It doesn't bother me, for some of the same reasons Christopher was saying, even though I know it very likely would be one of the things changed if the Blu-ray project ever gets around to DS9 season 7. But I don't want them to change it, because I like the explanation they came up with for it in the books, and I don't want that invalidated. I'm going to quote from one of my own fan-fics to explain it, if I may, but under spoiler.

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