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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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In that case, Spock should have said "They're left behind."
Umm, no. In this model, the hero ship isn't leaving them behind. They are voluntarily falling behind, realizing the hopelessness of a chase started too late.
If they realized the hopelessness of a chase started too late then they did begin to chase the Enterprise. After fifteen seconds or so of chasing and falling behind and realizing that she was ten more seconds to exiting the RNZ they gave up as they reached the border. That falls in line with the timing and the dialogue. If the Romulans were faster, they could've caught the Enterprise. If the Romulans didn't bother to give chase, they were "left behind".

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The Enterprise came to them
...Which is an extremely demanding intercept situation calling for high speed from the defender. It would be easier if the Enterprise were flying past them, in parallel, or even away from them.
Not really. The Romulans only needed to match Enterprise's flight path at Warp 5 and then slow down to allow the Enterprise to catch up to them before speeding back up to Warp 5 to match speed. Or alternatively, they could've accelerated to Warp 5 on a parallel course and by the time they hit Warp 5, the Enterprise caught up to them.

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But the third thing we should consider here is that we don't really have evidence of a variety of weapons being in use in "The Deadly Years". We see the big ball of plasma hurl towards the ship initially ("BoT" footage), and we see small bolts slam to the saucer bottom later ("Errand of Mercy" footage), but "big" and "small" are arbitrary definitions here. For all we know, the thing coming towards the camera in "BoT" is just a small fireball of "EoM" type in an "objective" side view.
True. However we do see that the plasma bolts are consistently red as fired from the BOPs and the torpedoes shown to hit the Enterprise are white. It can be argued that they are different weapons.

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...After all, remember that the supposed Tholian death rays looked like huge, diffuse clouds, too, when coming directly towards the Enterprise.
In the same vein, we aren't shown the Tholian weapon from the side or from behind. If they had used the same "EOM" hit then a connection could be made but since they didn't we can assume that it would've been something red that hit the Enterprise

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But Romulus is a planet, not a star. Wouldn't the odds then be that Romii (or Rom II) is a planet as well?
Isn't Vulcan a planet yet we've never heard of dialogue or star map to show/speak of Vulcan's star (or if there is I'd like to see the episode.)
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