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Re: How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

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You're the one that doesn't understand. I understand it perfectly--it's because not everyone likes the same things. It's as simple as that.
Ok, then. Let's not drop it. It's not as simple as that: I understand that people don't like the same things that I do.
Then you're only making it difficult for yourself.

It is the simplest thing in the world.
That I'm asking the question assumes that I know different people have differing opinions.
Then you already have the answer to your question.
Otherwise there'd be no point in asking unless I want to know why other people agree with me. So I clearly understand that. What I don't understand is why they hold this particular opinion. Answering what you did, CE, is a bit like this:

"Hey did you see the new Trek movie ?"
- Sure.
- And ?
- Hated it.
- Really ? Why ?
- Not everyone likes the same thing.
- Gee, thanks. That totally answers my question.
That's not the question you originally asked.

You asked, and I quote, "Why are people so intent on returning to the old timeline ? We've been there for 40 years. Can't we move on, now?"

To which the most simplest and honest answer is that some people like the old timeline. From that, came that not everyone likes the new movies, because not everyone likes the same thing. Now what's so hard to understand about that?
"Don't sweat the small stuff--it makes you small-minded..."

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