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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

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If that's the way you feel, I doubt there's anything I can say to convince you otherwise.
I feel kinda bad about it, but... you're probably right.

I'm making the same tradeoff that PC game players made years ago when they chose Steam: give up some rights you're used to (playing offline, reselling games) in exchange for gaining some benefits (play without the disc, redownload at any time). Personally, I think that Microsoft is being more consumer-friendly with these policies than Valve is.

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Hopefully, the backlash combined with Sony not introducing similar DRM will force MS to back down as that would be the healthiest thing for the industry.
The fact that PC games have been happily swallowing that DRM for the last decade makes me think this is unlikely, at best.

You're forgetting a few things. 1. Steam allows you to play offline for months, just click "offline mode" so you're not limited to having to reconnect every day. Reselling isn't such a problem when Steam have massive sales so often.

The other thing is Console gaming and PC gaming are different beasts. The culture of both is different too. PC gamers generally know what they're getting in to. Console gamers are just consumers and won't want to be limited in such a way.
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