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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

I Just Wasn't Made for These Times: Bwahaha we should have seen the word "made" in the title and guessed the whole reveal. Anyway, the important stuff..

I was writing a wonderful post about pubic hair in my head during this scene when suddenly it was revealed she was bathing in some flim flam lederhosen thing which is RIDICULOUS. Or maybe she's trying to mitigate her sin of bathing alone? Look here, I'm not really doing this, I have sorta clothes on! Yeah that's it.

Hey we got the answer to last week's big question.

Stahma to Kenya: ".. and for a Castithan man wearing a cuckold's horns is a great shaming." So if you're going to cuckold a Castithan make sure you don't knee him in the balls while you do it, keep him close and satisfied. Cuckold, there's the answer.

The doctor storyline was interesting. It shows you how much they need a doctor that they have to put up with her keeping such a thing from them.

The whole deal with the astronaut returning to his much older wife.. seriously? The 28 year old wife of a cutting edge hero astronaut who dies, famous forever, and she doesn't find someone else? Of course she finds someone else. She is a beautiful A list woman. That was dumb. Also does he tell her about his silver blood?! Because we are waaaaay past clones here in terms of accepting the dead person is alive.


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