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Re: A thought about Romulan warp drive...

Actually, it's the external dimensions that's the issue.
But this doesn't affect the shape of the Romulan ship one iota. You can build that shape to be large or small, and still the efficiency issues are the same.
I'm talking about the ship wasting a lot of space with its current shape and size.
If the Romulans just wanted the ship to be wider than absolutely necessary, they are still doing it in the most efficient way possible; doing it the Federation way, with just a single set of mostly horizontal pylons, would be more wasteful.
I disagree with this because even with a single set of mostly horizontal pylons, it would still be wasteful for a ship to have big giant wings just for the sake of having big giant wings.
If, OTOH, the Romulans want to widen their ship without adding to her mass, then they are doing it all wrong; leaving out the top set of pylons would save mass. So frivolous widening of the ship probably isn't the driving force behind the ship after all, at least not in combination with mass saving ambitions.
Actually, I do think the entire design is indeed frivolous and is more a result of the Romulans just wanting something that could intimidate smaller vessels than any kind of practicality.
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