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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

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Microsoft has Quantum Break, while Sony has *counts on fingers* no exclusives that I care about.
If that's the way you feel, I doubt there's anything I can say to convince you otherwise. Personally, I considered MS's policies to be too anti-consumer and I refused to purchase an XBO once they were confirmed. I didn't care what sort of exclusives they showed, I wasn't going to budge until they did. Hopefully, the backlash combined with Sony not introducing similar DRM will force MS to back down as that would be the healthiest thing for the industry.
I'm with you here. Most games I'm interested in are multiplatform or Nintendo, so of the other 2 PS4 is the one I'm interested in. Of the Xbone exclusives Quantum Break looks interesting but nothing they showed made it interesting enough for me actually want to by either though.
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