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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

Robert_T_April wrote: View Post
Every episode, and especially every movie can be nitpicked to death, however, yours are extremely minor.
To you.

To me they were the difference to being immersed blissfully in a movie (TMP, ST 2009, STiD) and feeling annoyed at the missed opportunities.

I really don't take The Final Frontier seriously as it was just a poorly written, and poorly directed movie. Not to mention, the f/x were cheap.
I was really underwhelmed by ST V, but you can't just dismiss the whole film and say, "Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that Kirk and all the bridge crew hate Klingons and have done ever since David was killed."

I enjoyed watching ST VI. But I felt a bit like a bystander. Nothing seemed quite right. They were up to Saavik #3 (this time with a new name). She wasn't even wearing matching uniform pieces.

As for the tracking device, a transponder could have been injected into Kirk but, it wouldn't have been as dramatic.
But it's sensible to assume that prisoners will be allowed to keep their (opposition military) uniforms to do hard labor?

Your issues with Uhura and Chekov aren't even worth mentioning as it had zero impact on the story.
They are worth mentioning. Because they had me squirming with impatience in my seat. Yes, they were funny scenes, but Chekov has been the ship's Chief of Security (ST:TMP) and he doesn't know that a hand phaser will set off an alarm and has to have it explained by Valeris? Dumb.

The bit in Klingon space added a little humour which didn't hurt.
It was hilarious. But it caused me to squirm with impatience in my seat. At least the novelization explained that the computer's translator was down (IIRC), but that was JM Dillard trying to make the scene make sense.

When I said perfect, I didn't mean nitpick free.
How else do I explain why it was not perfect to me without "nitpicking"? ST VI felt like a very rushed and poorly thought-out (and sometimes over-thought, tying it in to glasnost, Gorbachev and TNG's "Unification") entry in a tired franchise.

All ST films have nits we can pick. It's part of the fun. But ST VI's nitpicks annoyed me. A lot. Missed opportunities.
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