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Re: Falling Skies, Revolution, and Defiance

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Oh dear god, please don't let this be the golden age of science fiction.
Well, this is the Golden Age of Television... even if when people list the best series of this era, it takes a long while to get it any sci-fi shows. I guess we'll eventually get a couple that are good - the praise Orphan Black gets suggests it's probably better than all three of these shows combined.

Admiral2 wrote: View Post
Children just don't understand.

The Golden Age of sci-fi was when sci-fi was mainstream entertainment and not just a nerd-niche, which means THE FIFTIES AND THE SIXTIES. That was when sci-fi was everywhere and studios, networks and publishers saw it as a go-to subject for making money and therefore didn't wring their hands as much about producing it.
In the fifties, science fiction film was the purview of low budget B-movies, and sci-fi TV was stuff like Captain Video. Works like The Day The Earth Stood Still and Forbidden Planet were unusual, applying a pristine Hollywood style in the former and a glossy, expensive MGM look for the latter in a genre that didn't exactly get money thrown at it.
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