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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

Still, Warped9, you have to admit that by completely disavowing any officially produced series or film after 1991, you really are being something of a hypocrite about this. Shows and movies actually made by the people who own STAR TREK don't pass muster, yet you have the gall to ask if the latest fan production does? Seriously?

And even if you don't see the hypocrisy of it, or even admit that yeah, maybe it's a bit two faced to get so high and mighty about it, especially given that up until quite recently your expiration date, as it were for "good STAR TREK" was 1979, i think you'd be a little more magnanimous toward Loken who was simply observing a flaw in your logic, particularly given your nebulous idea of what constitutes "canon" to begin with.

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