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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

newtontomato539 wrote: View Post
Bad Robot TOS isn't ...
... providing over a hundred episodes of Star Trek over the course of four years, instead Bad Robot is gives us a single two hour movie during the same time period. A series would generate more content.

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Was O'Brien the reason fewer people watched DS9?
Okay, then what was the reason fewer people watched DS9?

Frankly, if the characters are going to be cadets in all but actual practice, why not just make them ensigns and post them to starships?
Much of DS9 wasn't about being "posted to a starship." Starship duty was instead a portion of the series. If you depict the cadets solely in the environment of a ship's mission, then that is where the stories will come from.

Combining campus life, with some starship time, with character development, with a stressful setting, with multiple diverse alien cultures, this is where the a Starfleet Academy show will be set.

Seeing Future Earth? That's not enough to draw a regular audience, is it?
All by itself no, but no one is suggesting that that would be the sole focus

... be subjected to stories driven by teen angst?
Again, not the sole focus. But I think that some of the primary characters - secondary characters would show sign of angst, given the academy environment.

Are the "youth demographic" really only attracted to shows about young people?
Exclusively? No. What is being proposed here is a show aimed a niche market, which is what many successful shows are today. And people who are pass their teens and twenties will watch a "youth" show if it is well made.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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