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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

From this we know Spock and Mitchell have worked together for a while and Kirk has known Mitchell since he joined Starfleet.

So either Spock and Mitchell served together on a ship before the Enterprise or they've been on the Enterprise together for over a year ( or two). Which might mean Kirk was the CO of the Enterprise for a year or two prior to WNMHGB.
For no very good reason at all ( well actually because they heard someone, somewhere say that Stardate 1312, refers to 13th month 12th day of the mission they posit WNMHGB as being in the thirteenth month of the mission ( in 2265, since they thought the mission started in 2264 till Voyager nixed that) the episode is always assumed to be part of the five year mission. Spock spent most of his career serving with Pike of course ( and then some time on Earth with Leila Kalomi).

The Chronology is often too "on the nose" when it comes to dates.
Oddly I find it woefully innacturate, ignoring any internal logic!!!!

The Chronology says:

After the five year mission, Kirk became Admiral and the Enterprise spent 2 1/2 years being refitted. There was not another five year mission before TMP.

This contradicts TMP. Not one character says this. It has obviously been 11 years since "Turnabout Intruder" from the look of the actors.
Well... Kirk alludes to "five years out there...." then two and a half years as chief of Starfleet operations. Which taken at face value suggests after the televised five year mission Kirk was promoted to Admiral etc ( I like to think the poor Blighter got some extended shoreleave though..... ). The chronology seems confused about the point though, given it suggests TMP is 18 months after the five year mission based on Enterprise's refit time.

The Chronology says:

TAS isn't canon.

Yes it is.
Hell, yeah!!!!

With the Eugenics wars thing, not too bothered. Seems they have stuck with the 90's in references in Enterprise and the movies so fair enough. Wouldn't really of cared if they retconned it to the twenty first century ( hardly difficult given the third world war predicted ). At least its not like Doctor Whos infamous UNIT dating .
These days the implication seems to be that despite massive death tolls in multiple countries in Africa, Asia and the middle east with various petty dictators throwing regions into upheaval the west was largely untouched..... That strikes a chord somehow
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