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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

Holy crap, I almost feel bad for Microsoft. I haven't looked up E3 news for a while, but then I saw all the Sony announcements and my jaw dropped. I've never bought a console at launch, but I'm tempted to with the PS4 just to support Sony.

There were only two negatives: 1. PS+ being required for online games (which I don't play, but the PS+ has been a good deal so far) and 2. not a whole lot on the game front.

I'm not really surprised by the PS+ requirement, and it looks like Sony might be using the revenue to subsidize the cost of the console. Just a little disappointed. The lack of games is annoying but I'm not worried about it in the long run. Remember, Sony announced some exclusives at their reveal event, so they might not have felt as much pressure as Microsoft. I'm a huge Infamous fan and I like Killzone, so if Second Son is released near launch I'll be happy. Plus, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sony Santa Monica and others have to be working on exclusives, not to mention the PS3 has some killer exclusives coming out later this year. The future is looking bright for Sony!
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