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Re: AFT NACELLE (Spoilers)

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Just a question here......
I have seen entire scenes from the film posted on Youtube and screencaps such as the one above.
My question is where are they coming from?
Since the DVD has not been released and I can not find a site that has these kind of images where are they coming from?
A few of us board members are from... the FUTURE.

So, Ive heard that sometimes some people go to the movies with their video cameras or cellphones, and they record the movies with it. Then that person takes the recording and puts it on the internet. These people are known as the illegal pirate bootleg gang bastards.

So then, other people, who don't do that, find these recorded movies while surfing the internet. they download them to their computers and use clips and screen caps from them on message boards. These people are knows as, well.. remember that episode of Voyager when the Doctor uses that Cardassian hologram to save B'Elanna Torres' life, even tho his knowledge came from killing a bunch of Bajorans? K so pretend you are Torres, wanting to see the torpedo launch tubes or whatever. The Doctor is the board member who wants to help you. The Cardassian is the dude who uploaded the pirated bootleg to the internet, and the Bajorans are Bad Robot.
Dude, Bad Robot is the Dominion. Abrams is Weyoun, Orci is Dukat, Lindelof is Damar and Kurtzman is a Jem'Hadar.
"Internet message boards aren't as funny today as they were ten years ago. I've stopped reading new posts." -The Simpsons 20th anniversary special.
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