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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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AllStarEntprise wrote:
Now we'll hear straight from the horses mouth what exactly was said since Admiral Sisko is being a stickler about precise facts.
This comment is both childish and petty. You have incorrectly cited examples taken from various episodes to strengthen your argument. Admiral_Sisko is absolutely correct in pointing out your mistakes.
I was making a jokey comment cool your jets man. How are my examples incorrect? They all feature command characters Picard, Riker, Sisko and Janeway responding to different degrees of Klingon culture, religion and or customs. The means of said disagreements are different but the ends are roughly the same. Klingon practices of such extreme cannot be carried out because they conflict with Starfleet principles.

Keep in mind the mistakes Admiral Sisko detailed out and corrected for me were 1. the Klingon's are an independent nation and not apart of the Federation. 2 The name of the rituals Kurn and Worf asked others to perform on them. At the time of my original posts I did not go search up the exact name because I thought they were the same thing. Trek's version of the Japanese Samurai Seppuku.

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Actually Riker deliberately wouldn't help Worf commit suicide - look at what he says in "Ethics"
You're correct. AllStarEntprise is apparently content to ignore the facts of any situation he cites as part of his argument. That's probably why Admiral_Sisko called him out.

Rewatch the clip or rewatch the episode Ethics. Riker said he "probably" would help Worf. However Riker used an escape clause which deferred the act to Worf's oldest son or family member. It wasn't Riker's place and he points that out to Worf.

There are 726 episodes, and 12 movies all titled Star Trek spread across 47 years and 7 unique series'. I have seen every single one of them. With such a high volume of material remembering every single detail is impossible. Harder if a person (like myself) watches other high volume shows like Doctor Who with it's 800+ episodes, Farscape, Stargate series', BSG. It can be overwhelming. So thank you Admiral_Sisko for correcting me. I'm never angry when someone corrects my mistakes. My opinion of the situation differs from others and I've tried to detail it out and explain it.
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