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Devious Maids is filling.

More accurately Mark "Desperate Housewives" Cherry's Devious Maids.

I was just the other day wondering whatever became of Anna Ortiz? Then I swooned, then I wondered, then I looked her up and swooned again.

Not so much with the comedy this time compared to Desperate Housewives, sure there's scathing satire but no sign whatsoever of outright slapstick, but maybe that's what you have to resort to when all your leading actress is good for is falling over naked into wedding cakes... It Happened THREE TIMES! I love Terri Hatcher god bless her, but come on, she's had three Hollywood life times enough to get some gravity to her resume and hasn't. Although, it's takes some effort to climb your way up from being a Bond Girl back to respectability.


Anna Ortiz was the bossy older sister Hilda from Ugly Betty.

Up to speed?

So, a nobody Maid gets murdered in the first 60 seconds of the pilot, and it's a whodunnit from then on where any one could have a motive, and Anna's character is on the case, but we don't know why she's on the case, only that the one thing that this woman is most certainly not is a "maid" as she intersects her way into this venomous world of the haves and the have nots to find the bloody handed murderer.

There is no narrator.

The dead maid at the beginning is not the narrtor.


Quite fun.
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