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Multiplayer is going behind a paywall. Can't win 'em all, I guess.
True, but it's still cheaper then Xbox live.
Don't get me wrong, Sony killed MS tonight. With a significantly cheaper console, the announcement of no new DRM, and a clear focus on games, Sony won a huge victory. If I decide to buy a next-gen console, it will be a PS4, it's not even a competition at this point. But it would have been nice if multiplayer remained free, and the news kinda dampens the excitement a little. At least they're not going to be complete assholes like MS and charge for 3rd-party services like Netflix.

That press conference was a little slow to start, but it had a really strong finish. If MS don't backtrack on some of their DRM and find a way to subsidise the console to undercut the price of the PS4, I don't see how the XBO can win next gen. But maybe gamers really are stupid and those few MS exclusives will be enough to win the bro-gamers over. Gods, I hope not.
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