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Re: Anyone Else Feel Bad for Remmick?

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Even if Roddenberry were still alive today, it wouldn't have mattered. He'd been effectively blackballed since the third season of TNG.
In a way, Gene is lucky that Paramount put up with him much past the first season. Gene had his lawyer working alongside him on the series during the first season, helping to make creative decisions. This lawyer helped drive a wedge between Gene and others within the creative staff (like David Gerrold) as well. Paramount had to intervene and tell Gene that his lawyer was no longer welcome on the Paramount lot.

I think Paramount tolerated Roddenberry, at best. As soon as they found a decent writer to head the writers room (Piller), and took real creative control over Gene, things changed rapidly for the better. This is much the same with the film series, where Gene had input but noone was obligated to follow his instructions
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