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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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IMDB is always wrong when it come to episodes cast are in.

No one can be in 27 episodes when there are only 20, each season only has ten episodes.
This is Season 3, so 30 episodes are filmed. It's very typical for IMDB to have been updated for S3 cast by now.
So every other character is killed off?

The numbers are always wrong, there are shows 40 years old and the numbers are wrong.
Eh, I was just startled for a moment, when I noticed the kid in 27 eps, and Noah Wylie in only 20 - At this point, I still haven't noticed the rest are also 20 episodes. A few seconds later, I finished the thought, and then checked everyone else's episode count, where I noticed, they too hadn't been updated.

32 minutes into the premiere (84 minutes total), and enjoying it.

Brought a tear to my eye when that first Skitter came up over the hill top, with the "Red-Eye" tributary warpaint

Kinda bummed we didn't get to see any of the other side of the Cliffhanger I hope we get something of a continuation from there, a flashback or few even would be nice
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