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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

Personally, I still think that the best thing that could possibly happen to the Abramsverse would be (and I've said this before) for Mr. Daniels, perhaps with the assistance of Dulmur and Lucsly, and maybe Ducane, to recruit Spock Prime to take the Jellyfish and its load of Red Matter back to the future, in time to save Romulus, thus wiping the Abramsverse from the memory of the multiverse.
A bit of in-universe commentary, I've got to say that Christopher did a wonderful job in making the characters have pathos and resonance in "Watching the Clock" but that the Abramsverse also really is a horrific gut punch in its own way for Lucsly and Dulmer. They work tirelessly to protect the idea of a "natural timestream" but we, the audience, know that there's no such thing and that time-travel is just an ocean waiting to be explored. It's why the Guardian of Forever let's people play around in the time-stream, it's not dangerous and all they're doing is essentially pointless.

Well, not pointless, they can save lives and avenge wrongs but they can't stop the clock ticking away for a religious belief ("natural time" is no more sane than "no warp travel"). It's kind of tragic they'd view the Abramsverse as the place where someone altered time when the real evil is murdering billions.
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