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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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The Jays biggest problem is Manager John Gibbons. Whoever though this retread was a good idea outside of Alex Anthopoulous, raise your hand.

When he was re-hired, AA spoke about how he has this laid back persona and how the Jays will benefit from it. Heck, at that press conference, Gibbons even looked like he was going to burst into laughter that someone had actually given him this job back.

With so many high level talents, this team needed a manager who was going to be hands on and force players to be accountable. This team continues to hire managers that are glorified spectators most games.
Who would you suggest? Sandy Alomar Jr.?
I heard nothing but great things about DeMarlo Hale and Don Wakamatsu. I don't know enough about baseball to know these men's intricacies, but I stand by the belief that a team with this much talent needed a manager that would let them play, but wasn't afraid to crack the whip and hold them accountable. Gibbons' reactions to losses always seem to be "Aw shucks, well, we'll get 'em next time!"
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