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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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SPOCK: The Romulans were caught off guard, Captain. They're falling behind.
From this dialogue, it appears that the reason why they are falling behind is that they were caught off guard - thus, not that their ships are slower.
In that case, Spock should have said "They're left behind." Instead they fell behind chasing the Enterprise because she was faster at Warp 8.

Timo wrote: View Post
Why not simply jump to warp eight and be done with it, if speed is key to escape?
Because they needed emergency power to jump to Warp 8. Where was the other power going to? The shields as they were getting pummeled.

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Considering that the Commodore never ordered the Enterprise to accelerate to Warp 8 to escape the attack, we'll never know if the Romulans could've maintained position with the Enterprise.
This is true. All I am saying is that the episode cannot be used as evidence that the Romulans were only able to match mediocre warp performance, and that at best it is consistent with that idea...
That doesn't have anything to do with the initial argument of "simple impulse" equaling Warp 5.

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...And further that it isn't really all that likely that it would be consistent. After all, intercepting a target moving at a steady speed X calls for significant performance, not limited to being able to achieve X. One definitely needs high acceleration,
In "The Deadly Years" they just needed sufficient speed. The Enterprise came to them and all they needed were ships that were in the Enterprise's path that could match Warp 5. Having a bunch of cloaked BOPs patrolling in the RNZ which also is the Enterprise's flight path isn't surprising.

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We have never quite seen any conventional opponent, least of all Romulans, force a Starfleet ship out of warp with one shot... Did Stocker perhaps panic and order Sulu to voluntarily reduce speed or stop dead? That would be a pretty odd reaction even from him, and something Sulu might well dare object to.
It would appear that Stocker's inaction caused the Enterprise to fly in a predictable course at a slow enough speed to be paced by a bunch of BOPs. The constant fire on the shields caused a loss of power ala "The Changeling".

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The thing is, "Romulans as a culture don't know how to do warp" does not work at any level in "Balance of Terror".
The problem here is thinking of impulse as STL-only and Warp is FTL-only. However, I'd argue that in TOS that Impulse is capable of FTL, just like Warp is capable of sublight. As to "Balance of Terror", at no point does Scotty or crew state "Simple Impulse" = Slower-Than-Light.

Even for the run of TOS, I'm not aware of any specific dialogue that "impulse" is sublight-only. Even in "Elaan of Troyius", Kirk had to be specific with Sulu for "Sublight factor" after specifying "impulse engines". All we know is that Impulse is slower than Warp. That doesn't preclude FTL speeds, IMO.

@Albertese - sorry about triggering the warp v. impulse issue.

Back to the original topic... In "The Deadly Years" the BOP is also firing non-plasma torpedo weapons too. Could those additional ports be the "conventional" torpedo tubes and the ship carries mostly nuclear and energy torpedoes in addition to the main plasma weapon?
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