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Re: The curse of even Trek Films and the reboot - thought

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Galaxy Quest is not a Trek movie. TMP and TSFS are good movies, even if they don't appeal to everyone. This nonsense started with TFF and Generations.
No, it was definitely pre-"Generations." Hell, even before TUC came out, fans were talking, mostly jokingly, about the odd-even thing. Fans would joke that we knew TUC was going to be good when it came out because it was an even numbered film. It probably did become a thing after TFF, but long before "Generations."

it was indeed pre-"Generations." Walter Koenig made a joking reference to it in a comic book, saying that they'd have to skip Star Trek VII and go straight on to VIII because of it.

The "curse" was basically a joke that came to be taken too seriously.
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