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Re: Was there a TMP Enterprise outrage ?

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The intermix chamber was really cool, though.
I'll say. My favourite warp core. I was glad they did something similar in Voyager.
Yeah, I think for me the swirling gases core thing always evoked what I imagined it would be like going in super-close to the TOS nacelles caps, that inside those spokes of light you'd probably see gases like that.

Plus the cores where it was just rings of like (DEFIANT, E-E, E-D) just made me think 'physical lighting effect' without evoking the idea of it being a spaceship (sort of like when you see chase lights on old TV.)

My ideal warp core would have something like TNG's rings of light (but less obviously *neon lights*) going toward the intermix chamber...and then something like the TNG and VOY gas effect in the two conduits coming out of the chamber in the middle...representing the "warp plasma" being channeled off to the nacelles. Maybe I'd try to have some Poltergeist style light show coming from the middle, representing the tremendous energies being released by the destruction of matter and antimatter.

I think the *kinda* had something like that in TNG, but it was a very, very subdued effect.

Of course, really, you shouldn't see ANY of that, as it should all be heavily shielded...but magic Treknology has shields that filter out the bad radiation. (I like Christopher Bennet's description in, I think "Ex Machina", of the "glass" in those TNG conduits being really thick onion layers of insulation and conduits...and where we see inside is really happening in a thin tube in the middle of all those thick tubular layers - it's just so bright, that the light makes it all the way through....)
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