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Re: Falling Skies, Revolution, and Defiance

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Oh, sure, and Buffy and Angel and XFiles, and Earth Final Conflict first couple seasons, as well as Andromeda (started in 2000) first couple seasons. And TNG ran mostly in the 1990s and Voyager...

The "..." was meant to show it wasn't an all-compassing list and that it represented "and so on"
. . . and Xena.
Children just don't understand.

The Golden Age of sci-fi was when sci-fi was mainstream entertainment and not just a nerd-niche, which means THE FIFTIES AND THE SIXTIES. That was when sci-fi was everywhere and studios, networks and publishers saw it as a go-to subject for making money and therefore didn't wring their hands as much about producing it.
Oh, I thought that was the Bronze Age

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