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Re: A thought about Romulan warp drive...

Can't really say that I see that. If the Romulans truly wanted a more efficient design, then I think they would have opted for a tighter, more compact configuration that would have required less materials to build with.
What could they make tighter or more compact, while retaining these external dimensions (which is the very point)?
Actually, it's the external dimensions that's the issue. I don't believe it's absolutely necessary for the D'deridex-class to be as big as it is (I suggested it was done mainly for political reasons or for intimidation value).

The Galaxy-class starship is presumably as big as it is to have the onboard space necessary for a wide variety of missions which might require significantly increasing the ship's complement or the construction of new onboard facilities. With the D'deridex-class, its habitable sections are spaced out by a giant hole in the center. Either fill in that hole to increase the habitable volume of the ship or decrease the size of the hole--if not eliminate it altogether--to avoid having to build excess hull.
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