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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

It's been a while since I thumbed through it, but IIRC, one of the 90's RPG's suggested that the older Romulan ships, from the Romulan War to "Balance of Terror," used an early version of the AQS warp core which was good enough to send a ship out to the mission, but, once you shut off the warp engine, the AQS would collapse and the ship was either expected to finish it's mission and die in the process (sort of a huge kamikaze philosophy) or else they were in it for the long haul home.

Part of me thinks this is silly. Another part of me really likes it. When I hear the Commander and the Centurion chatting in BoT... "If we are the stronger, is it not time for war?"... "Must it always be so?"... "Our gift to the homeland: another war"... I get the impression these dudes are veterans who've seen a lot of action. While they may have fought in campaigns we never heard of, the episode keeps referring to "the Earth-Romulan conflict of one hundred years ago."

Follow me here...

If they had partial warp capability to get at Earth and attack and then had to crawl back home at sub-light... what if the Commander and the Centurion were in fact both veterans of the "Earth-Romulan conflict of one hundred years ago" and are still around thanks to time dilation from a high relativistic trip home? I used to think imagine that the Commander was born before the Centurion was, but the Centurion was stationed on the ground a lot more while the Commander was always in space flying around at very high, non-warp speeds and keeping much younger do to the twin-paradox, which would explaining why the lower ranking officer looked so much older than the Commander...

Ah well, just an idea I had.

As for the Romulan Empire being just the one system... I dunno, maybe. I guess that kinda makes sense. But then, to me, the Commander's line about "It is good to see the stars of home" would seem weird if he had only been a few dozen AUs away...

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