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Re: A Nova Squad or Red Squad Series

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A cadet-oriented series might work, just so long as it isn't actually about Red Squad or groups of its ilk. Red Squad was, IIRC, formed as part of Admiral Leyton's plan in DS9, to help him take over the Federation. So I would argue that the very concept behind Red Squad is inherently corrupt.

If they want to do a TV series about Starfleet cadets, they should make it about "real" ones who don't join an elite group believing itself to be superior.
I'm not sure if that's the case. Red Squad was used by Leyton in his attempted coup, but the group wasn't necessarily organized for this purpose. Based on Nog's description, Red Squad was merely an elite group of cadets who received special classes and training: no explation of what this training was for was ever given. It's possible their training could have been linked to the mission to sabotage Earth's power grid, but if they were created specifically for the coup, it's hard to understand why they would continue receiving missions after Leyton resigned. The cadets appear in "Valiant," so Red Squad obviously wasn't disbanded after Leyton's attempt to take over Earth was thwarted by Sisko and Odo.

There is dialogue in "Paradise Lost" that suggets the group already existed before Leyton put his plan into motion. Sisko contacts the commandant of Starfleet Academy about Red Squad because he wants to know why they were using the transporter the evening of the Earth power outage. The Bolian officer comments that when "Leyton talked to (him) about using them," he was skeptical, but his opinion changed after seeing how effectively they performed their mission.

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