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Re: Who likes Spock/Uhura too?

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Maybe you saw STID in 2D as I seem to be the only one who had trouble seeing what I wanted to see (physical touches) in that format.
Don't worry. Pon farr is coming.
I really hope they include Pon Farr in the next movie and I expect to see lots of hand caressing, kisses, hugs, and fore-head touches....I will close my eyes at the angst, anger, and temper tantrums

I hope T'Pring was off planet and survived the destruction of Vulcan. I'd like her to be gorgeous and for Kirk/Bones/Sulu and Chekov to give a look like, "How the heck does Spock pull these beautiful women ???" before realizing Uhura is there and they all rally around her to reinforce that they still think she's prettier

If there is a champion to be had...I want it to be Uhura and not Kirk in this time-line---not a mud wrestling some challenge to their relationship. I suppose T'Pring won't choose Uhura to fight in her lover's place but it would be nice to see Uhura stop the proceedings and call T'Pring out to fight her instead---something not so juvenile but in a writer's hands it could be worked.
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