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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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-I didn't know about Montalban's appearance being darkened for Space Seed.
I didn't either, but someone recently posted a side-by-side comparison of SS Khan and TWOK Khan, and it was pretty obvious.

As for Wrath of Khan, the character came off enough of a person of color where it didn't seem like a whitewashing to me.
He came off as a guy with a Mexican accent -- that's about it.

It's also a good point that you noted how Nordic the refugees were for Wrath of Khan. I hadn't thought much about that before and just assumed that they were the only survivors, along with Khan. When I come to think about it...that could lead to a whole other discussion about why Meyers didn't make Khan's people diverse.
I figure he was going for a Nazi analogy. Pretty much all the real-life eugenics movements in the 19th and 20th centuries, including Nazism, were grounded in the racist assumptions of European science at the time, the belief that the white race was the pure human ideal and other races were inferior, degenerate offshoots. So I guess Meyer just defaulted to the stock notion that "eugenic superman" equals "blond, blue-eyed Nazi poster boy."

But what made "Space Seed" so intriguingly subversive was that it said, "Look, here's a group of genetically superior human beings, the pinnacle of human eugenics -- and oh, incidentally, they come in all colors and their boss is a Sikh from India." And it never called attention to the fact. It just matter-of-factly presented what, at the time, was the very radical idea that genetic superiority came from racial diversity rather than whiteness.

At least Enterprise got it right with their casting for the Augment trilogy (even if the augments of color didn't have major roles).
Since the main ones' names were Malik and Persis, I think they were written to be more diverse than the casting ended up reflecting. Actually I found Abby Brammell's eyes rather exotic in shape, but apparently she's from Kentucky and I can't find any mention of her having mixed ethnicity.

But for the most part, having a guy retain his natural skin coloring is different than casting a person of a completely different race/ethnic group as was done in Into Darkness.
Montalban was the son of Spanish immigrants, so he was probably pretty much pure-blooded European. That makes him a lot closer ethnically to Cumberbatch than he was to Khan.

-As for Uhura I don't have a problem with her relationship with Spock. It is a step up from what the character had been-as that passage you posted really showed-however I wish that so much of her character/characterization didn't revolve around Spock. His doesn't revolve around her that much. His bromance with Kirk and the loss of Vulcan, plus the eternal struggles to reconcile his Vulcan-Human halves are all interesting things they are doing with Spock that don't necessarily include or have to include Uhura. If you took away the Spock relationship, what would Uhura be doing? Who is she?
Except that for most of TOS, everything revolved around Spock. He was the breakout character of the franchise, the one who got more fan mail and publicity than everyone else combined, the one that the network would've happily promoted to the starring role. The only reason Kirk and McCoy remained central is because they were inextricably linked to Spock, because of how they were defined in relation to him: Kirk as his best friend and partner, McCoy as his philosophical rival and gadfly. The other cast members stayed in the background because they didn't revolve around Spock, because he didn't need them and so they only time they got the spotlight was when he wasn't there (as in "Spock's Brain"). So really, having Uhura also be closely linked to Spock was probably the best way to make her more prominent in the context of Star Trek.

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After seeing Naveen Andrews as the villain in the Sinbad pilot, I'm thinking he could have been a pretty cool Kahn. He even has a history with Abrams.
Good point. I'm surprised they didn't consider him.

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After the first incursion, and the destruction of the Kelvin, Starfleet is SCARED. Scared enough that they became a good deal more militaristic than in the Prime universe. Scared enough that the original Constitution class plans got thrown out, along with orbital assembly, in favor of a much larger vessel, with a much larger crew, built in an Iowa cornfield and launched into orbit intact, decades after the Constitution class went into service in the Prime universe. One can hardly blame them for becoming scared: it wasn't that many years after the end of the Romulan War, and here was an attack from an apparently Romulan vessel that, even without the Borg tech that had reportedly been incorporated into it, was over a century more advanced than anything the Federation had.

Robert April either retired before the revised Enterprise was completed, or died, or left Starfleet in disgust of what fear was turning it into.
According to the Countdown to Darkness comic,

Personally, I still think that the best thing that could possibly happen to the Abramsverse would be (and I've said this before) for Mr. Daniels, perhaps with the assistance of Dulmur and Lucsly, and maybe Ducane, to recruit Spock Prime to take the Jellyfish and its load of Red Matter back to the future, in time to save Romulus, thus wiping the Abramsverse from the memory of the multiverse.
Doesn't work that way. If the alternate reality had replaced the original one, then there'd be justification for using time travel to restore it. But instead it coexists alongside the Prime timeline. Its existence poses no threat to Prime, and so for Prime-universe temporal agents to eradicate it (if they were even aware of its existence) would accomplish nothing except genocide on a cosmic scale.

Besides, since the Red Matter-enabled time travel only created an alternate timeline rather than transforming the main one, wouldn't another Red Matter time travel simply create a third alternative history?
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