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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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Neat! So Sran is taking his Romulan sense of duty and applying it to service in Starfleet? I've always liked the "good" Romulan characters that we meet in all the Next Gen series. They show both nobility and backbone. The rest of them, however, are a bunch of two-faced, treacherous power grabbers.
Correct. Sran represents a combination of Romulan dedication and Federation altruism. His heritage means he offers a style of command that differs from most Starfleet captains we've met, but he's no less effective than his colleagues.

Romulans are fascinating for exactly the reason you mentioned. They are a noble people, but corruption within their government has affected their civilization for the worse. It's interesting to ponder what may have happened had the Federation made an overture of peace to them at the turn of the twenty third century rather than the Klingons.

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