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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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^Love your character in your sig; how did he come to be?
Thank you! Captain Sran is a Romulan Starfleet officer during the late twenty fourth century. How he came to serve in Starfleet is something I've not completely worked out. I'm still writing his backstory. If I end up sticking with the original premise for his character, the backstory will intertwine with several familiar elements of Star Trek history, including how he came to command a ship called Naptown. I haven't decided if he's ever broken the Prime Directive.

Neat! So Sran is taking his Romulan sense of duty and applying it to service in Starfleet? I've always liked the "good" Romulan characters that we meet in all the Next Gen series. They show both nobility and backbone. The rest of them, however, are a bunch of two-faced, treacherous power grabbers.
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