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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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Generations annoys me the most.
If I had reviewed that script before production, I would have made some serious alterations to it. Just for Enterprise, I'd have Riker call Picard and apprise him of the situation, so that when he came back from the Nexus he could warn the Enterprise, they would chase the Klingon ship away and blow the hell out of Soran's installation.

Kirk lives, Enterprise is saved. Yay for everyone.
Yup. I don't know how someone can argue against GEN for worst plot-hole offender.

The entire third act is a plot hole.
Not only that -- as bad as it is -- but the entire set up at the beginning of the movie doesn't match the pay off. Kirk is set up as being unhappy in a quiet retirement. We're practically beaten over the head with the idea that Kirk needs to be right in the middle of the action. So what, according to the Nexus, is his greatest wish? A quiet retirement. WTF?

Picard, on thje other hand, has been thinking about the family life he sacrificed. But he's the one trying to convince Kirk to leave the Nexus. Logically, the way the movie was set up, it should be Kirk convincing Picard to go back. I understand this is a TNG movie and the writers wanted the hero, Picard, to take the active role. But, in that case, they needed an entirely different story setup for both characters. Just criminal writing, throughout the film.

It's a pity "Generations" is such an irredeemable mess, as I thought it had the most potential of all the TNG films. I only saw "Nemesis" once, so I don't remember the plot holes, but that movie would have had to work hard to have as many holes as "Generations."
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